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We thought it was time to revamp Jade MC Australia's online presence and create a website that is a fantastic resource specifically designed for re-sellers of Jade products.

We understand the growing demand for a more professional approach to selling musical instruments and equipment in Australia, so we're focusing on a few key factors to help you sell more confidently.

These key factors are:

  • Multiple high resolution images of products - We aim for 8-10 images on all new products. We're also gradually re-shooting all our back catalog so you'll be able to update all your favorite Jade products in your online store with fantastic hi resolution pictures.
  • In depth product information - Information is KING when selling online and in-store. We've added descriptions for each product as well as the specifications and measurements to meet customer demand in today's retail arena.
  • Demonstration Videos - We're in the process of adding short video clips to each item for even further education of our products. Customers need (and deserve) to be able to see and hear the item in action to make a more informed buying choice. All videos will be branded as per the item's brand so all businesses can share it as their own video through online store listings and social medial.

Another advantage of the new Jade website are the stock availability indicators. If the item is showing online, it is in stock and available. If the item is missing from online or states that it is 'Sold Out', the item is out of stock.

We'll be updating this website daily as well as adding products, videos and specs to items. We'll also keep you up to date about new stock arrivals, new brands, new products, reviews, social media content and much more.


Thanks for dropping by!

Joe Bonich - Managing Director



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