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Kahzan MK5X Deluxe 5-Piece Digital Electronic Drum Kit

  • $1,399.00

The Kahzan KTD-MK5X Deluxe Electronic Drum Kit has all the versatility and convenience you would want from a modern digital drum rig.

Featuring an array of contemporary functionality including USB connectivity for home recording, AUX, MONO and Headphone for playback and practice, as well as superlink mesh heads for a natural rebound response.

The Kahzan MK5X sound module features 25 authentic styles of kit, with another 25 customisable user slots and over 400 preset voices, as well a Volume, EQ, Reverb, Decay, PAN & Pitch Control.


Module features:

  • 25 Preset Drum Kits
  • 25 User Preset Kits
  • 400+ Preset Voices
  • Adjustable metronome with tempo control 
  • Master volume, EQ, Reverb, PAN, Decay & Pitch Control
  • Group Faders
  • Adjustable MIDI, triggering and pad sensitivity
  • USB/MIDI Output
  • AUX Input
  • L/MONO Output (for connecting to amplifier or external audio equipment)
  • Headphone Input

Drum kit consists of:

1 x MK-5X Sound Module with Rack Clamp (Includes Power Adaptor)
1 x Rack Stand
2 x Base Stands
1 x Hi-Hat Stand with Control Pedal
3 x Cymbal Mounts
4 x Cymbals (Hi-Hat, Crash 1, Crash 2, Ride)
5 x Superlink Mesh Head Drum Pads (Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Floor Tom & Bass)
1 x Kick Drum Pedal
1 x Connection Cable with Individual TRS Jacks and Wire Looms
1 x Drum Key
1 x Pair of Drum Sticks

The Kahzan MK-5X Digital Electronic Drum Kit pack also comes with extra parts, Owner's Manual and a setup and installation guide.