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Slam Bass Drum Mute Pad (Black)

  • $32.95

This Slam SP-PAD-BASS Bass Drum Mute Pad is made from rubber which has been redesigned here in Australia to suit our players needs.

The pad is 250mm wide and will fit any size kick drum varying from 14" right through to 26". We have designed the pad to sit flat across the drumhead, therefore eliminating any bouncing effect which may occur while the pad is being struck.

It features adjustable straps so the pad can be perfectly aligned in the centre of the drumhead every time. The retaining clip will suit either flanged hoops found commonly on entry level kits, or remove the sleeve and it will fit laquered hoops found on mid to high end drumkits.

Now it's time to start work on your foot techniques. As the Slam name suggests "BUILT TO BASH".