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SoundArt Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System with Lapel, Headset and Handheld Mics

  • $299.00

SoundArt's new range of UHF wireless microphone systems provide professional quality audio in an affordable package. Designed specifically for performance and public speaking applications, the SoundArt SPLL-20-MBP wireless system includes a dual-channel receiver with 48 KHz professional D/A conversion and crosstalk protection, and wireless belt pack with lapel and headset microphones, as well as wireless handheld microphone featuring anti-jamming encryption technology, offering a seamless wireless solution for a variety of applications. 

Package includes dual-channel receiver, handheld microphone, belt pack transmitter, lapel microphone, headset microphone, patch cable, power supply, carry case and AA batteries.




Carrier frequency range: 500-900 MHz

Frequency bandwidth:  Maximum 50 MHz

Channel frequency interval: 500 KHz

Frequency response: 50 Hz-20 KHz

Dynamic range: >95 dBa-weighted

THD: <0.03%@1KHz

S/N ratio: 96 dB

Receiving sensitivity: -100 dBm (12 dB S/N AD)

Crosstalk protection

48 KHz professional D/A conversion

Power requirements: 12-18V DC 250mA Centre Positive

Outputs: 2 x balanced XLR and 1 x Low Z balanced ¼” TRS


Transmitter and Microphone

Digital transmission with individual identification code

Anti-jamming random identity code technology with anti-mobile interference encryption

48 KHz professional A/D conversion

Ten switchable frequencies

Output Power: 10mW

Power requirements: 2 x AA 1.5V batteries


Multiple SPLL units can be operated simultaneously without causing crosstalk  interference.