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Mooer 'Audiofile' Micro Headphone Amplifier Pedal

  • $149.95
The Mooer Audiofile is a Hi-Fi quality analog headphone amplifier in a convenient micro pedal configuration. The Audiofile's class A amplifier circuit will bring a smile to the faces of even the most discerning musician. 

The Audiofile can be placed at the end of your pedalboard for easy switching between amplified or silent practice. With headphones connected, activate the analog cab sim for immersive practice sessions which won't disturb your neighbours.
When performing live the Audiofile can be completely bypassed thanks to its true-bypass switching. Alternatively, the Audiofile can be used as an “always-on” signal buffer/booster, just remember to disengage the cab simulation.
Clarity, warmth, dynamics and uncoloured tone are what the Audiofile brings to your pedalboard.


Main Features

*Professional headphone amplifier designed for use with guitar and bass pedalboards. Utilises Class A amplification circuit.

*Stereo and Mono inputs, stereo and mixed mono outputs

*Optional built in analog speaker cabinet simulation.

*Doubles up as a signal boost/buffer when not being used for headphone amplification.

*True-bypass means the Audiofile can become a permanent resident on your pedalboard, even when not in use.


Input: 1/4"audio jack. Stereo or Mono (impedance 2.2M)

Output: 1/4"audio jack. Stereo or mono 1/8" audio jack stereo (impedance 24Ω)

Power supply: 9V DC power supply (sold separately) 

Working current: 50mA

Size: 93.5mm (D) x 42mm (W) x 52mm (H)

Weight: 150g