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Mooer Dual Footswitch Cabinet Simulator X2 Guitar Effects Pedal

  • $329.00

The Cab X2 is the latest digital cabinet simulation and impulse response pedal from MOOER Audio, featuring stereo input and output, build-in factory simulation models, and support for third-party impulse response files.

The Cab X2 provides robust stereo support for users that need to take their favorite digital cab sims and IR files from their laptop to the stage. The Cab X2 supports flexible stereo setups, allowing the option to bypass the cab sim pedal itself and connect to an external amplifier, sound board, PC, or pedal board. Two footswitch modes are also included and can be configured as a traditional on/off switch or to cycle through presets.

Designed to make management of all your presets and IR files simple, the Cab X2 editor software is free to download for MacOS/Windows and makes setting up your X2 fast and easy. Simply download the software, connect your X2 with the included USB cable, and tweak your cab simulation files to perfection.

While away from your PC, the Cab X2 includes a headphone jack to keep everything nice and quiet while you manage presets on-the-go or for practice.

  • High-quality, IR-loading stereo cabinet simulation pedal
  • Includes 14 user preset slots that can store two different cabinet simulation settings each
  • 11 factory cabinet simulation files with support for loading third-party impulse response files
  • Choose between mono or stereo setups with the ability to bypass the cab sim for each channel
  • Footswitch can be assigned as a traditional on/off switch or to switch between presets
  • Comes with specialized editor software for preset management and IR loading

Input 2*1/4” monoaural jack (Impedance value: 1M ohms)

Output: 2*1/4” monoaural jack (Impedance value: 510 ohms), 1*1/8’’ stereo audio output jack (Impedance<1 Ohms)

Power supply: 9V DV center negative (Please ensure the voltage value of power supply is not more than 9V, ensure the polarity is correct.)

Current Draw: 300mA

Dimension: 0.334kg

Weight: 75mm(D)*115mm(W)*33mm(H)

Accessories: Owner’s manual, USB TYPE-C to TYPE-A cable; DC 9V power supply, sticker.