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Mooer GTRS GWU4 Wireless System (Green)

  • $199.00

After launching the GTRS guitar in 2021, GTRS PTNR prepares an advanced wireless guitar system for even more freedom on the go.

The GWU4 is an ultra-high frequency wireless guitar system compatible with all instrument types. This UHF technology provides a stronger signal to increase transmission range and reduce unwanted interference from other electronic devices. In addition to greater stability, the ultra-high frequency system has a range of up to 30 meters (98 feet)! 

Each set comes with two ¼” instrument dongles that act as transmitter and receiver respectfully. Simply plug in the transmitter to your instrument jack and the receiving unit to an amp, audio interface, or any compatible audio device and enjoy an easy, wireless setup. Set up the transmitter and receiver to the same channel to start your playing.

Each unit includes an 800mAh battery for excellent battery life and includes a battery life indicator so you know when to charge. Also included is a Y-style USB cable to charge both dongles with a single cable simultaneously.

Important Tip:

The GWU4 has two different versions (650/915). If you like to purchase an extra receiver, 

please ensure the transmitter and the receiver are in the same version for use.

Available in Black, Green and White (Blue and Pink coming soon!)