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Mooer 'Hornet' 15 Watt Modelling Combo Amplifier (White)

  • $369.00

On the outside the Mooer Hornet is a tiny retro styled combo amplifier, but don't be fooled by its exterior, inside hides a ground breaking modelling amplifier capable of producing incredible tones previously unheard of in a combo this size.

Via the selector switch on the front of the amplifier you can easily choose from nine painstakingly recreated classic amplifier models spanning almost any genre of music. In addition to the breathtaking amplifier modelling, the Hornet features master volume, gain and traditional three band tone controls, as well as modulation and delay effects with independent tap tempo, reverb, in-built tuner, headphone output, AUX IN, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to save and recall presets. The Hornet can be powered via the supplied 18v supply or the Mooer Power Bank S10 rechargeable battery power supply to create the ultimate compact battery powered amplifier.

Just as its name suggests, the Hornet is little but ferocious.


  • 9 high quality digital amp models based on popular guitar amplifiers
  • Built-in Modulation, Delay and Reverb effects with independent tap tempo for each.
  • 2 modes of operation (Live/Preset) with the ability to store and recall up to 9 presets.
  • Highly sensitive precision tuner
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and AUX IN for media playback
  • Headphone OUTPUT


  • Inputs: 3.5MM AUX IN audio interface (impedance 10K)
  • Output: 3.5MM headphone stereo audio interface
  • (Impedance 47 ohms)
  • Sampling rate: 48K
  • Sampling accuracy: 32bit
  • Power supply: DC 18V ≥ 2000mA Power adapter
  • Speaker: 6.5", 4 ohms
  • Rated power: 15W
  • Peak power: 20W
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Size: 290mm x 173mm x 255mm