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Slam 7-Piece Drum Kit Mute Pad Set (Rock)

  • $129.00

Slam mute pads are designed to sit on top of your drumheads, therefore eliminating 95% of the drum produced sounds. Made of rubber, each pad is cut to the correct size to fit over the top drumhead between the drum hoop, which will hold it into place.

The Slam SP-RMP1 Rock Mute Pad Set consists of a 12", 13" and 16" tom pad, a 14" snare pad, two cymbal pads and one bass drum pad. The bass drum pad is 250mm wide and has been specifically designed to sit flat on the bass drum head, eliminating any bouncing effect whilst being struck.

One of the other key features of the bass drum pad is that it will fit any flanged hoop commonly found on entry level kits. By removing a sleeve it will also fit any wooden laquered hoop, found mainly on mid to high end drumkits. The bass drum pad will also adjust to any size bass drum from 16" to 26".

As the name suggests... Slam mute pads are "BUILT TO BASH"!