• Slam Single Ply Clear Medium Weight Drum Head Pack (10"T/12"T/16"T/14"S/22"BD)

Slam Single Ply Clear Medium Weight Drum Head Pack (10"T/12"T/16"T/14"S/22"BD)


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The Slam SDHP-1PCL-MF22-16 Single Ply Clear Medium Weight Head Pack 10"T/12"T/16"T/14"S/22"BD, as well as a single and double bass drum patch.
Single ply clear head of medium weight delivers a full bodied tone with great bottom end frequencies and low-mid decaying overtones. Head thickness 0.25mm
All packs include a white coated snare head.

Slam drumheads are constructed from Mylar.
This is the most common material used in modern drum head design.
Slam carry a large range of drumheads that  will suit any style or genre of music from Pop, rock, funk, fusion or heavy metal.
Whether in a coated, clear or hydraulic finish they offer a suitable head for all playing situations. 
Slam drumheads are durable enough to take a pounding gig after gig while still holding their tuning and tonality. 
Available either individually or as a set.
"BUILT TO BASH" Slam offers a high quality and affordable product without compromising tone and durability.