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Slam Single Ply Smooth Coated Thin Weight Drum Head (22")

  • $24.95

The Slam SDH-1PCT-T22 22" Single Ply Smooth Coated Thin Weight Drum Head delivers a great low end attack with quick decaying low frequencies.

Head thickness 0.175mm

Slam drumheads are constructed from Mylar which is the most common material used in modern drum head design.
Slam carry a large range of drumheads that will suit any style or genre of music from Pop, Rock, Funk, Fusion or Heavy Metal.
Whether in a coated, clear or hydraulic finish, they offer a suitable head for all playing situations.
Slam drumheads are durable enough to take a pounding gig after gig while still holding their tuning and tonality.

Available either individually or as a set.