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SoundArt 200 Watt 5-Channel PA Head with Digital Mufti-Effects

  • $399.00

Soundart SFF-520D 5 -Channel  200 Watt PA 
SoundArt 5-Channel Stereo 200W Powered PA with Digital Mufti-Effects.
The SFF-520D delivers quality audio in a small lightweight head with all the features you need to have an impressive sound.
It doesn't get any easier than the SFF-520D. Straight forward channel layout makes it quick and easy to set up and play.
Each channel has Treble ,Bass, Effect & level controls. Plug your Microphone or instrument into either the 1/4'' jack socket or XRL inputs.
There is a pad switch to ensure high out put instruments like keyboards & drum machines won't distort. The master control section features a dial up digital effects unit with great sounding reverb and delay. Use the 7 band graphic equalizer to not only customize your sound, but also to detect feed back. 
The FBQ will indicate which frequencie is feeding back so it then can be adjusted. Plug in an ipad, or other media device straight into the RCA input jacks at the front of the unit.
A dedicated level control makes mixing easy.
Add 2 Soundart 12'' or 15'' speakers and you have a P.A perfect for duo's , soloist or even corporate applications.

Channel Inputs:
Five Channels with Balanced XLR Mic & Jack Line Inputs
2-Band EQ 
EFX Send & Level Controls with ‘Peak’ LED Indicator and Pad Switch.
Master Controls:
Master EFX, CD/Tape and Master Level Controls with Output LED Ramp 
7-Band Graphic EQ.with FBQ feedback detection.
Digital EFX with 16 Presets including Reverb & Chorus with Selector Control. 
CD/Tape RCA In and Record Out, EFX Loop & Speaker Outputs.