SoundArt SFP5-200S 5-Channel 200W PA Pack


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The SoundArt SFP5-200S 5-Channel 200W PA pack is designed to make your dollar go further whilst maximising your sound in the highest quality! With solid and sturdy construction the SoundArt SFP5-200S 5-Channel 200W PA pack is a clear winner in comparison with other PA packs.

At SoundArt we make sure you get the complete solution for your sound production needs, whether it’s for performing, corporate events or even karaoke the SoundArt SFP5-200S 5-Channel 200W PA Pack will make it happen. The ease of use of this system is just one of its great attributes, it has been designed so that you can plug and play from the moment you first pull it out of the box. The SoundArt SFP5-200S 5-Channel 200W PA Pack comes with a SFF-520D, 5-Channel flat-front style powered mixer with 2 x 200W RMS Speakon Outputs, 7-Band Graphic EQ, FBQ switch, Pad Switch (-20dB) and an inbuilt 24-Bit Multi-Effects Processor; the straight forward channel layout of the powered mixer, with each channel having its own treble, bass, effect, and level controls makes it easy for anyone to dial in a great sound. A 7-Band Graphic EQ will help you to not only customize your sound but also eliminate any feedback troubles. Pressing the FBQ switch in will activate the FBQ feedback detection system which will indicate which frequencies are causing feedback so that the graphic EQ can be adjusted. With the addition of -20dB pad button you can be assured that any high output instruments such as some keyboards & drum machines won't distort.

The inbuilt 24-Bit Multi-Effects Processor has 16 Pre-sets including Reverb & Chorus and its own level control to accurately monitor the amount of effect signal sent to the main mix. With use of the effects selector control you can add all sorts of layers to your sound from a just a bit of reverb to warm up your vocals and guitar to levels of echo that even Pink Floyd would be fans of.

You can also plug any media device into the "Tape in" RCA input jacks at the front of the unit for media playback, a specific volume knob allows precise control of playback level, or plug into the "Rec out" RCA output jacks for any recording purposes. There is also a 1/4" "Amp Insert" jack that can be used for different applications. You can use it as an input using a TS cable to connect a preamp and run just the power stage of the SFF-520D, so the mixer is used to simply to power the speakers, or the "Amp Insert" can be used as an output by using a TRS cable to connect to a separate power amp, using only the mixer section of the SFF-520D.

Included in the pack is also 2 x ST12-250-4 Moulded Speaker Cabinets (12” Speaker and HF Horn), each rated at 250W RMS, 4 Ohm, and housed in a High-Density Polyethylene Cabinet to survive even the roughest of gigs. All the necessary stands and leads come included in the pack so that you are ready to go!


Contents of pack:

  • 1 x SFP5-200S 5-Channel Flat-Front Style Powered Mixer

  • 2 x ST12-200-4 Moulded Speaker Cabinets (12” Speaker and HF Horn)

  • 2 x Heavy Duty Speaker Stands

  • 2 x Professional, Low Noise Speaker Leads


Tech Specs:

  • SFP5-200S, 5-Channel Flat-Front Style Powered Mixer

    • 2 x 100W RMS, 4 Ohm Speakon Outputs

    • Channels Inputs & Controls:

      • 5-Channels with Balanced XLR Mic & Jack Line Inputs

      • 2 Band EQ, EFX level, & Level Controls

    • Master Controls:

      • Master Volume, Effect Level, Tape/CD Level

      • 7-Band Graphic EQ with FBQ feedback detection

      • 24-Bit Multi Effects Processor with selector control

      • Output LED Ramp

      • Pad switch -20dB

      • FBQ switch

    • Inputs/Outputs

      • Tape/CD RCA In and Record Out

      • Amp Insert

    • Tone Control

      • Channels Parametric EQ

        • High 10kHz ± 15dB

        • Low 80Hz ± 15dB

      • 7-Band Graphic EQ

        • 63Hz, 160Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 6.3kHz, 16kHz ± 12dB

    • Fan-cooled

  • SJ12-200-4 Trapezoidal Speaker Cabinets 200W RMS, 4 Ohm, 12" Speaker Cabinet

    • 30cm (12”) Speaker & HF Horn